CVS at Morgan Stanley Healthcare Conference Notes

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“as we go through this period of healthcare reform, we will see churn in the marketplace. We will see members migrate from one type of plan to another”

“I think that there is going to be a lot of learning that takes place in 2014…the large employers, whatever decisions they make, they won’t be able to migrate employees onto the public exchange products until 2017.”

“Yeah, I think that again the beauty of our model is that we can communicate from both a B2B as well as a B2C perspective. And you will see us active in the marketplace in terms of, I’ll describe it as educating and informing consumers around the benefits of the exchanges and what they need to do to enroll in those product.”

“the Affordable Care Act will — is a tailwind for our business…over the next several years, something like 30 million Americans will have now coverage and coverage will drive additional utilization from a prescription drug perspective and that’s good for our business at the end of the day.”