ConAgra Foods FY 2Q16 Earnings Call Notes

ConAgra Foods’ (CAG) CEO Sean Connolly on Q2 2016 Results

Spinning off into two companies

“Last month, we announced our plans to pursue the separation of ConAgra Foods into two independent public companies, ConAgra Brands and Lamb Weston, through a tax-free spin-off, which we expect to complete by fall of calendar 2016. ”

There’s an undeniable need for frozen foods

“I think the first big picture point on frozen is the consumer need state for frozen food is absolutely undeniable. If you look at income levels in this country, cash flows in this country and the perishability associated with fresh foods and the fact that people have need states most often during the week and frankly it’s the majority of occasions where they are eating by themselves off major kind of breakfast, lunch and dinner hours. The ability to have frozen food that stays ready when you are on hand is absolutely undeniable. ”

Diet frozen foods have struggled the most

“What’s fascinating about when you peel back the onion and look at it is far and away the largest piece of the weakness within the frozen section is stuff that I will describe as diet foods. Brands that have historically had trademarks and positioning that were associated with weight loss. And they wore that weight loss diet positioning on their sleeve. Those are the products that disproportionately have struggled and have struggled for some time.’

Companies are refocusing on what the definition of wellness means for a new generation

“I think companies are refocusing on quality and they are refocusing on what the definition of wellness means and for kind of a whole new generation, including us. So, if you look at our Healthy Choice franchise as an example, it’s kind of a mixed bag. We have got in the last few years a major thrust away from the old what I will call kind of ice cube tray type of frozen dinners that have been around forever and into a much more innovative product that we brand as Café Steamers. ‘