Comcast at Goldman Sachs Conference Notes

Brian Roberts

Had the biggest upfront ever

” we had a really biggest upfront I think the company has ever had in this most recent upfront. We sold more upfront up 8% of our inventory than we did a year before. Our price was up. We have said around the same kind of number.”

The ratings decline gets offset by CPM increase

” all-in-all, the ratings decline gets offset by the CPM increase and the total dollars continue to be very stable and that’s critical and that happened again this year and in the scattered market, we’re seeing continued strength there. ”

Are you really getting the value out of the digital platforms that you are saying?

“the more time I spend talking to the advertising folks who take a show, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon or shows that are out in digital in great numbers and many shows are there, and are you getting paid on the Facebook platform, no. And so, and are there advertising getting their value from some of those other platforms for what they say they’re getting versus what they are getting. There is a lot of swirl around those questions. ”

Xfinity mobile offering

“So we’re really pleased with the start. Just to remind everybody. It’s MVNO on the Verizon network. So we’ve a good relationship. It’s working well. You can activate it right away. We’ll ship it to you in 24 hours. You can pick it up. Get it by in a store, and there’s only two plants, really simple product. Maybe the most simple, elegant execution the company has ever had, really great packaging, really simple, $12 a gig or $45 unlimited. That’s it. And when the new products come out like today, I believe we’ll have those products in all our stores and on our digital site, same time as anybody else.”

We paid 1/4 for NBC what AT&T paid for Time Warner

“We have resources that allowed us to buy NBCUniversal when times got tough, more will change. We bought NBC for about $26 billion. People said, buy more stock at that moment. Today AT&T is paying over $100 billion and I think the cash flow with NBCUniversal and Time Warner are pretty comparable.”