Coca Cola 1Q13 Earnings Call Notes

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This post is part of a series of posts called “Company Notes.” These posts contain quotes and exhibits from earnings calls, conference presentations, analyst days and SEC filings. The quotes are generally pieces of information that I find interesting or helpful to understanding the company, industry or economy and are not meant to provide summaries of the full content of the call. Other posts in this series can be found by clicking here. Full transcripts can be found at Seeking Alpha.

“in the first quarter of 2013, we grew worldwide volume by 4%”

“In the coming months, we will be collaborating with five of our bottling partners to implement a plan which will include the granting of exclusive territory rights and the sale of distribution assets with cold drink equipment.”

“Before moving on, I want to revisit a complex societal issue that touches us all, obesity. Beginning last year, The Coca-Cola Company took new steps to give consumers even more choices in packet sizes, sweeteners and beverages, including more low and no calories production while also providing clear nutritional information and by supporting fitness programs. Coca-Cola has a rich heritage of being associated with exercise, sports and active lifestyle.

Today we are using our marketing expertise and community connections to inform consumers about energy balance and to inspire more people to get moving. We firmly believe the challenges of obesity are solvable.”

“As for currencies, we remain fully hedged on the Euro, Yen and Sterling for 2013 and into 2014”

“I have said many times that if commodities go down, don’t look for us to reinvest that in price. We have worked very hard to earn the price that we take in the marketplace. We don’t have an affordability problem in the United States with our sparkling beverages. We would love to continue to invest behind our brands.”

“part of what we are doing with this new bottler arrangement focuses on that up and down the street where bottlers and CCR add the most value which is not only big customer sales, but up and down the street execution”