Clear Channel 3Q15 Earnings Call Notes

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings’ (CCO) management on Q3 2015 Results

Investing in programatic buying capabilities

“We are investing our capabilities to automate the sales process, analyze unique data we have on our consumers, and provide programmatic buying. We believe that simplifying the buying process for agencies and advertisers provides us with a competitive advantage against both traditional and digital-only media companies. As one advertising agency executive recently told me, and I quote, “You can’t be in the advertising business without being in the data business.””

Radio is the most under-monetized ad medium in the US

“radio is the most under-monetized advertising medium in the U.S. and our mission is to close the gap between radio’s consumer engagement and its much lower share of advertising spend.”

Radio has a high ROI

“When brands invest in radio advertising, they experience higher consumer engagement including increased sales, foot traffic and dollars spent by shoppers. This latest research, combined with the results of last year’s ROI study conducted by Nielsen Audio and Nielson Catalina Solutions that showed a 6 to 1 return on radio advertising dollars further demonstrates that radio presents a huge opportunity for advertisers to connect with consumers through audio”

Radio has the broadest reach of any media form right now

“television is no longer the mass reach media. We’re at 93%. Television is at 87% or so. And then when you go to millennials, we’re still at 93% and television is like 75%, 74%, 75% out there. And I think that smartphones is at 80%.”

There are three large platform companies: FB GOOG and us

“there are three great large platform companies out there in North America. It’s going to be Facebook, it’s going to be Google, and it’s going to be ourselves with our reach of 245 million people and our ability, and our listening on broadcast we mentioned we’re up about 10% for this year on broadcast. “