Cisco (CSCO) CEO Chuck Robbins Interview

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Cisco (CSCO) CEO Chuck Robbins on adapting to change given the shift to the many transitions going on in the enterprise IT landscape by focusing on the customer

“I think there are so many transitions going on that you have to look at them through the lens of opportunity that they provide for you.  You can’t be in denial because I’ve told our team that denial is the first step to death.  You have to look at these transitions and understand the implications of what matters to the customer.  You can’t get so locked up on the technology itself that you lose focus on what type of problem the customer is trying to solve.  The customer is not trying to get cloud, they’re not trying to get software defined network but rather they are trying to solve business issues that they’re trying to get at.  We’re going to remain agnostic on the technology, whatever our customers need, we’re going to do.”



SourceL July 18, 2016 Video Interview,