Comments from Fastenal CEO

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I thought this comment from the Fastenal conference call was worth highlighting.  It’s the first thing that the CEO addresses: Manufacturing has slowed, that’s clear. But on a very positive note, I’ve been out talking to lot of our regional … Continued

July Earnings Calendar

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Earnings season is always important, but it’s difficult to remember one that has been more anticipated than this one is.  Below is a calendar of conference calls by day for the month of July.  The full calendar can be found … Continued

May 2012 Investor Letter

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Below is a letter that is written monthly for the benefit of Avondale Asset Management’s clients.  It is reproduced here for informational purposes for the readers of this blog. Dear Investors, April was the start of earnings season for the … Continued

DFS new leverage targets

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Though it probably seemed like it would be a long time before leverage came back to the financial system, the following comment from Discover caught my eye on its most recent conference call. The company is moving from benchmarking equity … Continued

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