Bristol Myers Squibb at JP Morgan Healthcare Conference Notes

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Giovanni Caforio – Chief Executive Officer

Immuno-Oncology is front and center for 2017

“So let me now move to 2017 and not surprisingly we will remain very disciplined and focus on very similar priorities for 2017, and this year as well clearly in Immuno-Oncology is at the centre. So, when I think about our Immuno-Oncology business, there are really three components to them, and I see them having very, very different dynamics in 2017.”

15 molecules going into the clinic in oncology and Immuno Oncology

“When you combine our pipeline of Immuno-Oncology and oncology, we have close to 15 molecules going into the clinic. And so in the second part of this year into next year, we will begin to see data readouts that can lead to the rapid beginning of registrational progress. In fact, we already have seen some data at the end of 2016 and there will be scientific presentations in the first part of this year as well.”

Working on becoming more agile

“efficient. And that happens by organizing in a way that you can actually accelerate decision-making. I’m actually very pleased with the work we’re doing. It is generating really important results already. One good example, I would like to mention is, the announcement we made recently about the redesign of our research footprint in the U.S. where we were able to evolve from a larger number of research sites to a much more concentrated footprint, at the same time we took that opportunity to bring our research centers closer to a areas of academic expertise and knowledge and talent, and decided to create a research centre in Cambridge, increased significantly the scope and size of our organization here in California.”