New Home Months Supply

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New home sales data came out yesterday and was pretty weak, but one sign that the market may be healing is the months supply metric, which was reported at 6.6.  We’ve been at this level of months supply before in … Continued

German Control of Europe in History

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Conspiracy theorists love to talk about how the Eurozone  is just a shadow mechanism for Germany to assert its imperialistic goals to control Europe.  I’m not personally a buyer of the theory, but watching Eurozone negotiations unfold, it’s clear that … Continued

10 year below 2%

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Joining the list of indicators that are at or near 09 levels, the 10 year Treasury Yield fell below 2% today! Click to Enlarge For context, today headline CPI Y/Y was reported at 3.6%.  Even core CPI is running at 1.8%. … Continued

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