Eurozone Unemployment

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Below is a chart of the evolution of unemployment across the Eurozone since 4Q07 by country.  In January 2007, Spain’s unemployment rate was 8%, today it is near 25% Click to Enlarge

5-10% pullback

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The lows of today’s session approximately coincided with a 5% pullback from the ytd high.  While completely arbitrary, people often look for declines in the 5-10% range from a near term top.  A 10% decline would take us back to … Continued

May 2012 Investor Letter

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Below is a letter that is written monthly for the benefit of Avondale Asset Management’s clients.  It is reproduced here for informational purposes for the readers of this blog. Dear Investors, April was the start of earnings season for the … Continued

Japan Aging Population

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For comparison to the previous post about the aging US population, below is a chart forecasting demographic trends for Japan.  The 65+ population of Japan is already 23% and forecast to be nearly 40% by 2050.  How can anyone expect … Continued

Projection of US Elderly Population

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This isn’t related to any specific current event, but it’s extremely important data for longer term economic forecasts.  Below is the Census Bureau’s projection of US elderly population through 2050.  The 65+ population goes from 12.4% in 2000 to 19.7% … Continued

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