Sell in May…

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The old adage to sell in May and go away for the summer certainly held true for 2011.  As the summer draws to a close, hopefully so does the thrashing that markets have taken since May 1st.  It’s tough to … Continued

Comparing ADP and Payrolls

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ADP data will be released tomorrow morning, and Nonfarm-Payrolls data will be released on Friday.  Typically ADP gives a good sense of what the payrolls data will show, but it’s not always perfect.  Below is a comparison of the two … Continued

Spotlight on Insurers

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For stock analysts, insurance is typically an industry that doesn’t get much attention.  Of course, all that changes a few times a year when a hurricane is barreling towards the eastern seaboard.  For those brief moments, everyone likes to look … Continued

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