Blackrock Annual Report quote and JP Morgan Annual Report Quote

Source: Blackrock 2015 Annual Report
Blackrock (BLK) CEO Larry Fink warns investors of the consequences of negative interest rates
Investors today are facing tremendous uncertainty fueled by slowing economic growth, technological disruption and social and geopolitical instability. Particularly worrying is the adoption of negative interest rates by central banks attempting to spark economic

growth. These actions are severely punishing the world’s savers and creating incentives to reach for yield, pushing investors into less liquid asset classes and increased levels of risk, with potentially dangerous financial and economic consequences.”





Source: JP Morgan 2015 Annual Report
JPMorgan (JPM) COO Matt Zames says the bank is really a technology company in disguise
“We are a Technology Company.  Technology is the lifeblood of our organization, and it drives the deliv- ery of the secure products, platforms and services our customers and clients value and trust. We serve nearly 40 million digital customers and process $1 trillion in merchant transactions annually. Each day, we process $5 trillion of payments, as well as trade and settle $1.5 trillion of securities. We see technology as an essential core competency and a key differentiator to drive future growth in all of our businesses.”