AT&T at Goldman Sachs Conference Notes

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This post is part of a series of posts called “Company Notes.” These posts contain quotes and exhibits from earnings calls, conference presentations, analyst days and SEC filings. Full transcripts can be found at Seeking Alpha

Ready for the internet of everything

“AT&T is uniquely positioned to create a fully connected experience, your smartphone, your car, your home and your business and today business related customers represent more than 50% of our mobile revenues and they’re growing”

Customers just want fast, seamless, secure connectivity

“Customers really don’t care if their data travels on LTE, Wi-Fi, macro-cell, small-cell, [user] (ph), broadband, VPN, fiber; they just want an experience that is seamless, that is fast, that is secure and is ubiquitous and we’ve invested and upgraded aggressively in our networks to provide it.”

Businesses have invested in efficiency

“Today businesses despite a down economy are investing in improving their processes and their efficiencies. You can see them investing heavily in those areas, but it is investment in mobile technology and so they’re putting mobile devices in the hands of their employees to make them more effective.

We have done that ourselves. In our retail environment for example, we have taken out 17,000 cash registers out of our retail stores and we place them with 40,000 tablets.”

It’s always been competitive. You had better have good analytics

“I’ve seen this industry go through cycles and we’ve been very competitive. That doesn’t mean that we have been less competitive in the past. But what we have always focused on is during those cycles to make sure you have good data analytics to tell you what the customers think and what the customers want.”

Network coverage is critical for internet of things

“our 4G LTE network, which is the nations most reliable now covers 300 million pops. That is absolutely critical, not to take just into accounts, the things that we have to do to competitively compete in the basic market. But that coverage is absolutely critical for the Connected Car and for Digital Life. Without it those products don’t work as well.”

Seeing people buy insurance in higher numbers

“people who are buying these plans we’re seeing them buy other goods and services like insurance in much higher numbers and that helps ARPU over the long term while reducing subsidies.”

It’s amazing how much volume we’ve had today for the iPhone

“it was amazing for me to see the amount of volume that we have seen just in a few hours this morning and our systems are rocking. Everything is going well. I think it’s a great testament to the plans that we put out there.”

Iphone 6 numbers are tracking better than last year and the prior year

“They are better than last year and they are better than the prior year.”

We think video is huge, which is why we bought DTV

“We think video and video — the video opportunity is huge. That’s why we made the purchase of DIRECTV, which gives us a unique opportunity in terms of size and scale and capabilities to bring TV like you’ve never seen it before, to wireless, to tablets, to smartphones, with a scale that will be unmatched.”

We’ve got global SIM

“One of the things that we did early on, hasn’t gone a lot of discussion, but the thing that makes all of this possible is what we call the Global SIM. You have a SIM in each one of your phones and we came up with a SIM that once a manufacturer put that SIM in their car that car can essentially operate anywhere in the world…So when a car marker builds a car, if they put our SIM in it, they don’t have to worry about where that car is going to be shipped.”

DTV acquisition gets T into Latam

“So I think there is a huge opportunity in Latin America. We’ll have to wait until the deal closes to take advantage of it. But DIRECTV has done a super job there.”

AT&T working on an airplane solution

“So what we are envisioning is a super high speed service that is much better than what you have today that allows you to get lot more data than it’s available and when we approach airlines today, we’re getting a lot of good positive feedback.”