AT&T at Nomura Conference Notes

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“TV every where, those rights are moving at a much more accelerated pace. We saw those starts to really shake out at the end of last year and we did, we in particular had a lot of deals up and got all of those TV everywhere rights for our customers.

And so you are seeing TV everywhere give customers that ability to control when they are watching at a much broader and deeper library capability”

“I would have thought before started really seeing how customer use the devices, that if you are inside the home, you are going to watch on a TV, the biggest TV you can go find, and certainly, there still some of that, a lot that. But increasingly tablet usage is inside the home, predominantly as oppose to out of the home.”

“but what is clear is customers like that ability just to watch either in the bedroom that doesn’t have a TV or just even in the same room with somebody else that has the TV on and so inside the home it’s been pretty significant, I think that will continue for awhile.”

“so far we have not seen [TV] cord cutting in any material way, in fact not even in an immaterial way at least from our perspective.”

” I don’t think we felt pressured yet but there’s an enormous load on the network. And I think others are probably seeing it. And at some point, I think everybody will feel that.”

“So again because of all IP and its every set top, every home and every set top in every home, we collect the data anonymously, aggregate and enormous, let me repeat that a couple of times. But we have that information and have very good insight on how our customers are behaving, what they are watching et cetera.”

“if an advertiser wanting to by the Ellen Show, we know based on our data who that audience is. We can do a couple of things. We can go find that same audience outside of the Ellen show and maybe extend reach or drive price a little bit better. We can also go find that same audience online or on your mobile phone.”

“we would love to move to a la carte. And we are very open to that model. We’ve suggested that a number of — in particular the regional sports network conversations we had that something we’re very open to. I think it’s very tough for the industry to go there.”