Assorted Quotes from British Companies Post Brexit

Thanks to Stephen Clapham for Compiling these quotes

Bovis Homes trading statement:
We have traded in line with our expectations for the first six months of the year. At this time it is too early to assess the impact of the EU referendum on the UK housing market…….. The housing market fundamentals remain strong with high demand from home buyers, good availability of affordable mortgages, good land supply and cross party political support to build more homes in the UK.

Persimmon (housebuilder) trading statement:
It’s very early as we say to review the position in regard to the EU referendum while early indications to us have been good. It is only a
little over a week since the vote. But last week, we traded well. We did have a slight increase in cancellations immediately following the vote, but that settled down to more normal levels now.

Marks and Spencer (retailer)
Our consumer barometer, we’ve tracked it since November. We saw that down turning consumer confidence in the barometer from about November last year. Some of that was due to the impact of terrorism, some of it was concerns about the economy, and some of it was concerns about the referendum. And it weakened off again in March. I think, in terms of us looking at it since Brexit, we’ve not had any clear results. I can’t see particularly any impact. The noise at the end of the quarter in terms of our promotion stats makes it very difficult to assess. And the only one factor I can tell you is that on the day of the voting itself was down on that day as customers went to vote, and that’s the only thing I can say about it.

Brammer (indebted distributor, down 2/3 since referendum )
Since our last trading update on 13 May 2016, which covered the period to 30 April 2016, we have seen a significant slowdown in sales against our expectations. Sales per working day (“SPWD”) in May were down 3% compared with last year. We saw a weak performance in the UK, which was down 6%, but also more broadly across Continental Europe…weakness has continued into June. The UK started the month positively, but it has experienced a particularly weak performance over the last few days [ie since Brexit]. Underlying margin in May and June month to date was down against the previous year. The Board is now reviewing whether it is appropriate to declare an interim dividend in respect of the half year