Amazon 3Q15 Earnings Call Notes

2.1B AWS revenue 25% OM

“In the Amazon Web Services segment, revenue grew 78% to $2.1 billion. Amazon Web Services segment operating income was $521 million, a 25% operating margin, compared to $98 million in the prior-year period. AWS segment operating income includes $78 million of favorable impact from foreign exchange.”

Customers really like Prime Now

“On your comment about the economic drivers of Prime Now, what I’ll say is customers really value it. It’s not our entire selection, it’s tens of thousands of items that they may need on a daily basis. We think it’s an interesting part of the selection offer for Prime and it’s, in many ways, something that we can do that others can’t, because it’s a natural evolution of our 20-year effort to grow our fulfillment center network and our scale quite frankly makes it possible to even offer this to customers.”

India doesn’t have fulfillment options built, we view that as an opportunity

“India is a different market and does not have a lot of the same ready fulfillment options that some other countries did. We see that as an opportunity, an opportunity that we can build and we can bring to sellers.”