Alphabet’s (GOOG) Q2 2017

Ruth Porat – CFO

Mobile is the primary driver this quarter

“The primary driver again this quarter, as you noted in question was the strong growth in mobile and the fact that more mobile searches are subject to TAC. But the increase in Sites TAC year-over-year, I think what I would stress is it really provides another lens on just how strong our mobile business is. There are other factors that affect the TAC rate including the mix of paid versus organic traffic as well as changes in partner mix and agreement terms. But I think at the, main point of your question here is we do continue to expect Sites TAC to increase, but our focus remains on growing profit dollars and I go back to my comment which is really pleased with the strength of our mobile business, which is benefiting profit dollars even as the TAC percentage increases.”

Sundar Pichai – CEO

The growing influence of Youtube

“YouTube now has 1.5 billion monthly viewers and people watch on average 60 minutes a day on their phones and tablets. That’s incredible and it helps 1000s of passionate video creators make money. The fastest growing stream for YouTube is in the living room. YouTube watch time on TV screens has nearly doubled year-on-year.”