Alphabet at Citi Conference Notes

Diane Greene – Senior Vice President-Google Inc.

Now “with every business becoming a data business”

“Cloud was originally a place for startups, a place for surplus capacity, sort of a cost savings thing. And now with every business becoming a data business, the Cloud, people are moving to the Cloud to be secure and they’re moving to the Cloud to gain competitive advantage.

Cloud was focused on startups and now its focused on enterprise

“Sure. I think when I came in we were mostly focused on startups. And obviously, the enterprise opportunities, at least, the slide deck, I mean the enterprise opportunities what we are going after. And we’ve made huge strides. So we had to really get all the table stakes functionality and things like identity and access controls and networking configurations and all the compliance and regulatory. So we got that done. That’s – it’s all there. Any enterprise customer can be fully deployed on us now. And then we have to build out the go-to-market, which – certainly it’s the direct sales force and an immense number of customer engineers, Google quality customer engineers, which our customers value. We set up professional services. We set up an office of the CTO, Customer Reliability Engineering advances, we set up a lot. And then it was partnering because we really – the most important thing is our ecosystem”

What is the Kubernetes?

“we want Kubernetes to run extremely well on-premise, to run extremely well in every Cloud. We are pretty certain that it’s going to run the best in our cloud.”

Some examples of how companies are implementing machine learning

“we are working with basically every customer on machine learning. And we can even bring them into our advance system labs and work with them. The public customers I can talk about are like Airbus that did use the vision to build a model to take the clouds out of their images. Something they’ve never been able to do in 20 years or Ocado one of the biggest online retailer in the UK, they’re based in the UK. And they were able to use our machine learning to detect customer sentiments and know how to handle calls in their call center or FamilyMart over in Japan used – it’s a huge chain of neighborhood grocers where they stock at three times a day and they can – they are using our analytics and machine learning to figure out how to stock things to predict what to do.”

We are investing heavily in cloud but we’re partnering with companies like SAP and Salesforce

“we are hiring incredibly aggressively. Alphabet is investing in Cloud. So it’s we are not sort of saying, oh, we’re done with our sales force and they are very Googley. We are building out a serious enterprise sales force. But I would argue that Cloud demands are different approach. It’s a very – if you think about what’s going on when a company moves to the Cloud, this is something they had in-house where they run it all and now they’re just building these assembling almost these applications and putting them in containers and we’re kind of doing everything else. That’s where it’s going. And so we need to partner with them.”

Built our own “TPU” for use in the cloud

” we have a lot of GPUs in Google Cloud, and we work very well with NVIDIA. And the TPU, so Google does an immense amount of machine learning internally as well as externally. And so for the big data machine learning, training and using the models, we saw an opportunity to build a custom chip that would give an order of magnitude performance advantage, which actually saves us a lot of money and also lets us do a better job on the machine learning because you could turn things around so quickly. And then it’s natural to put it in our cloud for our users. So the really exciting thing about Google Cloud is we now have a vehicle to take Google’s really ongoing technical innovations and share them with the world with every company and every geography of every size. That’s pretty exciting. And so it’s a natural thing to share the TPUs and we’ll also take advantage of all the innovations coming out of NVIDIA as well.”