AIG is US’ Largest Insurer by Market Value

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This isn’t necessarily news, but it was a little surprising to me to notice that AIG has the largest market cap among the members of KBW’s Insurance Index, which includes both P&C and Life insurers.   Since it also has the lowest price to book multiple among the top eight companies, that means it has the largest book value as well though.

$AIG lists $98 B of shareholder’s equity compared to ~$65 B at $MET and ~$25 B at $TRV.  In terms of net written premium, AIG did $38 B in 2012, while MET and TRV did $38 B and $22 B respectively.

I’m not an expert on AIG, but the numbers imply to me that on a premiums/capital basis the new AIG is less levered than its peers.  In insurance, like all financial businesses, leverage drives annual returns (until it doesn’t).  This could mean that as a plain vanilla insurance company AIG may have a difficult time generating reasonable ROE’s at this level of capitalization.  Alternatively it could always expand into ancillary lines of business, say, like, selling credit default swaps?

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