Accenture FY 2Q17 Earnings Call Notes

Broad based growth outside of a few areas

” Growth continues to be broad based with positive growth in the vast majority of our industries and geographic markets more than offsetting cyclical market pressures that continue in a few concentrated areas of our business specifically energy, chemicals, and natural resources and communications and media.”

Very positive for the second half of the year

“Yes, it’s hard to be a little bit of additional very well, I mean, to put it very simply we feel very good for the second half of the year. That’s it, based on stocks. We have very good bookings, we have good pipeline. We have great momentum in most part of our business, that will give you a clue. We are covering 13 industries. We’re big if you well, 13 industries, of these 13 industries 10 are positive and on the 10, six are high single, when I say high single is one is at 9.5, that’s 1 to 10 for simplicity, six would be the double digits. So you could only be positive when you see such momentum.”

David Rowland

A lot of green shoots in slow industries

“Yes, I would say it’s a combination of the two. I mean, just to be blunt it is a combination of the two. There is a benefit from the comps getting easier and that’s just the math, but more importantly, there are really underlying fundamental improvements that we see and the business activity, the dialog that we’re having with our clients. The investment and digitization in addition to the kind of the cost rationalization focus that those industries have had for so many quarters now. And so the comps are part of it, but there is some fundamental improvement in the business, a lot of green shoots that we see that I think have a much more optimistic about the trajectory.”