Accenture F2Q13 Earnings Call Notes

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$ACN F2Q13 Conference Call Notes

“In management consulting, bookings were strong in the United States as well as in Asia Pacific and also in parts of Europe. We continue to see client demand for transformational projects in operations, customer relationship management and talent and organization, as well as a pickup in demand for risk management.

Our bookings in technology consulting moderated this quarter, and they primarily reflected projects to drive cost reduction in the data center network and desktop infrastructures of our clients. We see lots of opportunity ahead and have strengthened our leadership focus on the technology transformation agendas at our clients.

System integration bookings reflected strong continued demand to modernize and upgrade installed ERP systems, as well as an increasing demand for industry-specific systems across the major platforms. Emerging technologies are often part of the mix, as we are doing more and more to help our clients integrate Software as a Service, cloud platforms, mobile applications and digital solutions.”

“BPO bookings in Q2 reflected continued demand for our cross-industry offerings, especially finance and accounting, and for our industry-specific solutions in communications and banking.”

“Asia Pacific grew less this quarter, and we expect this trend to continue. Q2 included a decline in Japan, which was primarily in CMT [communications, media and technology], where certain clients in the high tech industry there in particular have significant challenges in their businesses right now.”

“We ended the quarter with a global headcount of about 261,000 people, and we now have approximately 170,000 people in our Global Delivery Network. In Q2, our utilization was 88%, consistent with Q1.”

“Our latest technology vision report identifies the trends that are having a big impact across different industries and explores how companies can use technology to improve business results. One of these trends is a convergence of social media, mobile computing, analytics and the cloud, which is transforming the way businesses operate. And this is driving demand for our services.”

“I have made the decision to turn over the CFO reins to my successor in a few months, effective July 1, and to retire from Accenture at the end of the fiscal year to pursue some new things.”