AB Inbev Annual Report Notes

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Source: AB Inbev Annual Report

AB Inbev (BUD) CEO Carlos Brito says they are building a company which they expect to last 100 years

“At Anheuser-Busch InBev, our ambition is to build a great, enduring company for the long term, not just for a decade, but for the next 100 years. In 2015, we not only took significant steps towards building a company that will stand the test of time.”

AB Inbev (BUD) CEO Carlos Brito explained the rationale for the $107 billion SAB Miller acquisition

“We believe that a combination of our two companies would build the first truly global brewer. Both companies have deep roots in some of the most historic beer cultures around the world and share a strong passion for brewing as well as an enduring tradition of quality. By bringing together our rich heritage, brands and people, we aim to provide more opportunities for consumers to taste and enjoy the world’s best beers. We believe this combination would generate significant growth opportunities and create enhanced value to benefit all stakeholders. In particular, the combination would strengthen our position in emerging regions with strong growth prospects, such as Asia, Central and South America and Africa.”

AB Inbev (BUD) CEO Carlos Brito explained the company’s entry into the craft beer space

“Our passion for brewing quality beer is reflected in our investments in the craft category. We know — as do consumers — that a brewer’s passion, care and skill must be evident in every glass. This has sparked an increasing interest among consumers in the craft beer experience, and led AB InBev to build a growing portfolio of exceptional craft beers, enabling more consumers to enjoy them. Our entry into the craft space comes at a time when many craft brewers themselves are wondering how they can bring the beers they are passionate about to an ever-expanding audience and are asking, “What’s next?” We are able to provide an answer by bringing together the resources to grow craft brands in the right way, with each brewer’s passion and commitment. We contribute capital, brewing expertise, distribution capabilities and talent — along with a deep respect for the craft brewing culture.”

Even AB InBev (BUD) is getting into the startup craze of having employees involved in hackathons

“With the creation of our Disruptive Growth team, we are seeking team members with skills more typically associated with start-up, entrepreneurial companies. One approach to finding such employees with a creative, curious, challenge-the-status-quo mindset, has been to invite students to participate in hackathons where they are encouraged to tackle real business problems.”

AB Inbev (BUD) CEO Carlos Brito says the company expanded their partnership with the NFL

“Sports sponsorships enable our brands to “team up” with loyal fans. One of our strongest sports connections is the long- running Bud Light NFL Sponsorship. In 2015, we had a strong integrated commercial plan for the NFL season, with exciting team cans and Super Bowl 50 cans that reinforce Bud Light as the beer of the fan. We just renewed our NFL contract for another six years, gaining additional marketing rights in the US as well as the ability to utilize NFL marks internationally. Bud Light will display highlight clips from NFL games on its website, Facebook page and other digital media, with features such as Bud Light “PlayeroftheGame”and“PlayoftheDay”. Moreover, Bud Light will be the exclusive sponsor of Thursday night football, allowing the brand to activate its 28 team partnerships outside the team city limits and connect with more fans nationally.”