3G Capital Founder Jorge Paolo Lemann Interview

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Jorge Paolo Lemann, Founder of 3G Capital, which is responsible for the takeover and ownership of Budweiser, Burger King, Kraft, Tim Hortons, Heinz, explained his strength is assembling teams

“I’m no financial genius.  What I do best, which is sort of a surprise to me, is put teams of people together, finding great people, incentivizing them, working together with them, giving them a chance to shine, enabling them.  That’s the most important thing that I did.  That’s what I’ve found I do well.  And that’s not a skill that I knew I had.  You have to attract the best possible team.”

Jorge Paolo Lemann, Founder of 3G Capital, on attracting talent

“The people factor is something that you really have to work hard at.  Most people think of business as selling a product and you have a very good product to sell or you have a special strategy and after I found out that attracting good people to work with me, I found out that it was more powerful than what you were doing or what the product was.  As a team, you will find something interesting to do.”



Source: Jorge Paolo Lemann Interview, April 27, 2016